The Frequency Shift flyer

This is a website dedicated to raising the vibration of divine love and universal light during the planetary shift, harnessing the beautiful healing power of the sound healing Zobet (solfeggio) frequencies and a conscious, natural, non-toxic lifestyle.

This website will be updated soon with events and different opportunities to shift your frequency – literally!

For now, you may also like to check out:-

Ashera Hart’s website that gives a lot more background to these potent sound healing tools for transformation with many sound healing products to help you get more in tune!

Sonic Birthing for the practical use of sound healing with the Zobet (solfeggio) frequencies for fertility and birthing.

Healing Partnerships (Judy Lynne Cole, USA) for the more scientific aspects of the Zobet frequencies and other number sets.

Audio Elixir (Elan Rosenman, USA) for 3D ambisonic (spatialised sound) systems that provide the most beautiful way of immersing the body in sound to reduce stress, insomnia, depression and enhancing mental clarity, focus and productivity for a wide variety of applications e.g. business, clinic, expos etc.

To contact Ashera and the team direct, please email using the Contact form here

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